Some Keynote and Invited Speaker Presentations


  1. Keynote: Explainable AI: What, Why and How, Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI 2019), August 2019
  2. Australian Academy of Science, Speaker Series, Changing Lives with Science, June Canberra
  3. IJCAI-2019 Eldercare Robot Challenges, Macau, August 2019
  4. TransLearn Workshop at IEEE RO-MAN 2019  Robot Skill Transfer from Simulation to Real World Deployment in Manufacturing Industries and Warehouses, New Delhi, India, 14 - 18 Oct, 2019
  5. SCRITA Workshop at IEEE RO-MAN 2019 Trust, Acceptance and Social Cues in Human-Robot Interaction, New Delhi, India, 14 - 18 Oct, 2019.
  6. The Game Changer Challenge, NSW Department of Education, Google, August 2019.
  7. AI & the Future of Work, Melbourne
  8. AI for Real Problems, Digital Innovation Festival, The Victorian Innovation Hub
  9. Explainable Artificial Intelligence Conference, May 2019, Colorado USA.
  10. Retaining Senior Women in STEM and the Critical Role of Male Partners and Advocates, International Women's Day, California, USA
  11. Innovation and Inclusion - The UK & Australia in conversation, UTS Centre for Indigenous Technology Research and Development, Policy Institute at Kings College London & Menzies Australia Institute AUS-UK Leadership Forum. Supported by the British Consulate-General Melbourne.


  1. The Royal Society, NSW Government House, Sydney
  2. Thales Leadership Conference, Melbourne
  3. Leadership Program, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  4. Collaboration and Innovation, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland Government
  5. Australian Engineering Conference, Sydney
  6. Cybersecurity MasterClass, Australian Policy Strategic Institute
  7. International Conference on Human Rights, Innovation and Technology, Australian Human Rights Commission.
  8. United Nations WSIS Forum on the Impact of AI, Geneva
  9. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, Australian British Chamber of Commerce and KPMG.
  10. Social Robotics Forum at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  11. Future Law, Stanford University
  12. Stanford Executive Program on Cybersecurity and AI
  13. Happiness and its Causes with the Dalai Lama
  14. AUTOMATE 2018 Melbourne 
  15. Disruptive Innovation Week 
  16. CEO Summit 
  17. Chief Customer Engagement Forum, Sydney
  18. Financial Services Workshop, Sydney 
  19. Women and Grants Workshop, UTS, Sydney
  20. FIX Trading Conference


  1. Thomson Reuters Leadership Summit, Stanford University
  2. CODEX Speaker Series, Explainable AI and Social Robotics, Stanford Law School.
  3. The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Utopia or Dystopia, Commonwealth Bank in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.
  4. The Australian and New Zealand School of Government, Executive Fellows Program (ANZSOG)
  5. World Science Festival
  6. Cognitium: Workshop on Cognitive Knowledge Acquisition and Applications, Melbourne
  7. Connect Expo & the Digital Health Show 
  8. Disruptive Innovation Week
  9. FST Banking Summit 
  10. ATSE Education for Innovation
  11. AI & Machine Learning Summit Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive technology
  12. Women in STEM, Women in Science Society, University of Sydney Panel


  1. Amaze Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  2. Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International
  3. Social Robotics and Design Thinking Workshop, Commonwealth Bank
  4. Data Analytics and Design Thinking Workshop, Commonwealth Bank
  5. TECH23 Machine Learning Panel
  6. Human-Robot Symposium
  7. Australasian Conference on AI (AI'16), Internet of Things and Crowdsourcing Panel
  8. Sydney Science Festival, National Science Week
  9. Optus and The Guardian Business Thought Leadership Panel (Chair)
  10. The Future with Social Robots, City Science Circle
  11. Innovation: Bringing the Future Forward with David Thodey and Roy Green, UTS.
  12. Social Robotics: The New Frontier, Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering (ATSE) Sydney and Adelaide
  13. Robots and Art, Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, UNSW.
  14. Triple A Talks @ UTS Business School, Visions of Future Mobility & Immersive User Experiences


  • Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI-14)
  • Workshop on Robots and Art: Misbehaving Machines
  •  Demystifying Big Data, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Social Robotics and the Role of Attention, AAAI Spring Symposium on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Robotics, Stanford University.
  • Belief Revision in Human-Robot Interaction, Conference on Inconsistency Robustness, X-Media, Stanford University
  • Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Stanford University
  • 2013
  • Australia can only lead if it creates Leaders!, CISCO Internet of Everything, Media Event that launched Cisco's Internet of Everything Strategy
  • Provoking Learning with ICT, Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association, Annual Conference, August Melbourne.
  • The PhD Journey, UTS Graduate School
  • ARC Research Panel


  • Global Drivers, Mega-trends and Disruptive Innovation, American Express Innovation Day November 2012.

  • IBM Pulse 2012 Cloud Computing and Innovation Panel.

  • Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity at the Knowledge and Innovation Day, Strategic Management Society Conference, Prague, Sept 2012. 




  • Capital Markets Technologies
  • Future Web Technologies: Taking a Strategic View, ARK GROUP, Sydney
  • Star Wars: Science meets Imagination Exhibition, Powerhouse Museum, April, 2009

  • Institute of the Future, Palo Alto, USA, October 2009

  • Stanford AI Lab Strategic Planning Meeting, Monterey, 2009.

  • Robot Soccer at the National Youth Science Forum Sydney 2008

  • Cognitive Models for Perception and Reasoningat theInternational Workshop on Materials and Sensations, France, October 2008.

  • Autonomous Robotic Technology at the International Conference on Underwater Systems Technology, Indonesia, November 2008.

  • Privacy Law and Global Business Strategies: Managing Consent, Control and Choice at the Conference on Innovation, Competition and Regulation, Institute for Law for Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University Taiwan November 2008.

  • Leadership and Innovation, Women in Information and Communication, International Women's Day, The Australian National University, 2007.

  • UTSpeaks - Public Lecture on Robotics, 2006

  • Fourth Annual Conference on Re-Designing your Intranet, Ark Group, 2006

  • Robotics, China Science Week,Suzhou May 2006

  • FTA Trade Finance Conference, 2006
  • SIBOS  (SWIFT) 2005
  • Danmark's National Bank 2005
  • Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation Symposium, Sweden, October 2005.

  • Australian Innovation Festival 2005 - Social and Legal Issues for Robots

  • Future Web Technologies: Taking a Strategic View, Ark Group, 2004.

  • Occasional Address, "Don't Lose Sight of Your Vision: Navigate by the stars and not passing ships", UTS Graduation March 2004.

  • Open Forum on Metadata Registries, China, May 2004

  • Seventeenth Bled eCommerce Conference Panelist with Peter Keen & Margaret Tan. 2003

Other Presentations

  • ACM International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, Auckland,
  • International Conference on Social Robotics
  • International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  • International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 
  • International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law 
  • International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures
  • European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  • European Conference On Logics In Artificial Intelligence 
    • International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
    • ASE/IEEE International Conference on Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust
    • Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, Track Chair, Social Networks and Innovation
    • Strategic Management Conference on Globalisation of Innovation Strategies: Novel Moves for a Global Game
    • IEEE International Conference on Information Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust

    • RoboCup International Symposium
    • Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS)
    • European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty (ECSQARU)
    • International Symposium on Logical Formalization on Commonsense Reasoning, Stanford University
    • Australasian Conference on Information Systems 

    • IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering
    • Conference on Practical Cognitive Agents and Robots 
    • International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management

    • IJCAII Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action and Change
    • Social Semantic Web: Where Web 2.0 Meets Web 3.0 2009 Stanford University USA 
    • Panhellenic Logic Symposium
    • Intellectual Property Scholars Conference
    • International Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning (NMR)

    • World Cup Robot Soccer International Symposium

    • IJCAI Nonmontonic Reasoning Action and Change International Workshop
    • Australasian Ontology Workshop
    • Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
    • International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts, Sydney Opera House

    • International Conference on Electronic Government (EGOV)

    • International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA)

    • Multi-disciplinary solutions to industry & government's E-business challenges,
    • Multi-disciplinary solutions to industry & government's E-business challenges

    • International Symposium on Autonomous Minirobots for Research and Edutainment.
    • International Conference e-Society
    • IEEE Workshop on Enterprise Networking and Computing in Finance Industry
    • Workshop on Grounding Robot Sensory Information and Symbolic Knowledge.
    • European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS. Theme: Information Systems and the Future of the Digital Economy.

    • European Conference on Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Capabilities

    • Conference on Electronic Commerce

    • Formal Ontology, Knowledge Representation and Intelligent Systems for the World Wide Web Workshop

    • Australian Knowledge Representation Conventicle 

    • IFIP Second Conference on E-business: Multidisciplinary Research and Practice

    • IFIP Conference on eCommerce, eBusiness and eGovernment

    • Doing Business Across Borders

    • IJCAI Workshop on Inconsistency in Data and Knowledge

AI and Machine Learning Summit 2017